How a bank discovered that banking wasn’t its core competence — Finn Majlergaard, CEO Gugin

This article is about what can happen when you look at your company’s culture and core competencies with an open mind. It is also about having the courage as a leader to make drastic decisions in order to leverage your company’s culture in the very best way.

A European bank asked Gugin to help them align their corporate culture with their strategic goals and objectives. They had just been through a merger and like after most mergers or acquisitions there was some cultural friction that needed to be addressed. After the first initial assessment, it was clear that there were…

The Educated Singles Club — where academic singles meet — Join at

As the COVID-19 pandemic is influencing all people’s life in Brazil the well-educated singles are looking for new ways to maintain a social life with like-minded individuals.

Being single during a pandemic is much harder than it is for couples because the loneliness easily feels much worse. Especially for the well-educated singles, who traditionally have a much more active social life in the limited time they have left after long working hours.

When the well-educated, and often affluent, singles can’t go out socialising in the same way as before the they have to look for alternatives.

Traditional dating sites are…

It is no secret that singles are suffering more than people in a relationship during the pandemic. Confinement, working from home and social distancing are hard conditions to live with when you are single.

But the well-educated singles are possibly suffering more than other singles. A large global study carried out by The Educated Singles Club concludes that 68% of the well-educated singles are feeling lonely and to some degree depressed.

So why are so many well-educated singles feeling lonely and depressed? …

Cross-Cultural leadership development

Timing is everything in many aspects of life. That is also true when it comes to coaching of leaders, whose organisations are in trouble. If the timing is not right you might either feel bored or irritated over that you didn’t get that piece of knowledge earlier.

With COVID-19 changing the rule of the game in many organisations, conflicts between different groups of employees are far more common and potentially damaging to the performance of the company.

Cultural conflicts can be reduced with early coaching

A recent survey conducted by Gugin concluded that 63% of the leaders feel that there are more cultural conflicts in their organisation after…

This article is about how working from home can damage your corporate culture. The money saved on sending people home because of COVID19 can easily be lost due to lover employee — and customer satisfaction. Read on

Working from home will damage your company culture and your provate life
Working from home will damage your company culture and your provate life

The Excitement

Many office workers around the world have been sent home to work from home because of COVID19. There has been some excitement from both employees and employers, but for very different reasons. Obviously, employers are excited because we know that people working from home tend to work more and therefore are more productive.

Employees are excited because they get more flexibility, save commuting…

It is often more difficult for educated singles to find the right match than it is for people with less education. over the years there have been many studies and articles suggesting that particular well educated women had difficulty finding the right long time match. But that is not necessarily restricted to women. Men are having similar challenges.

The matchmaking dilemma

In the old days people didn’t marry for love. The poor people married because men and women needed it other to survive. …

Cross-functional Innovation

You only gain a long-term competitive advantage if you can innovate across different functions and subcultures in your organisation. But that is extremely challenging because everyone has their own agenda, different values, norms, objectives. On top of that, we have an internal rivalry between different department in the company.

Working together with people who are very different from oneself is challenging and therefore usually avoided.

But in this case it is necessary, and at this experimental workshop you will learn how you can do it

The healthcare industry is an area where Gugin has delivered a lot of value in terms of boosting innovation

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Why is it that dating apps are only about physical appearance? We swipe through hundreds of real or fake profile in search of the right one. And we never succeed. We don’t succeed because we as human beings are a lot more than just a nice photo.

We can become attracted to other people in so many way and so many different levels. And we are all different. It can, of course, start out with physical attraction, but it can also begin with intellectual, professional or emotional attraction.

We are also different when it comes to how long time we…

We have all heard about and felt the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Companies have gone bankrupt, people have lost their jobs and many people have lost their investments.

I am no exception. But one of my startup experienced an unexpected boost, while all my other activities pretty much went down the drain. My consulting firm Gugin provides cross-cultural training to companies around the world. That activity died rapidly. I also teach at a number of business schools and universities and do a fair number of speeches at conferences every too. These activities died too.

But in the middle of…

Dr Finn Majlergaard

Author, Professor, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Global Keynote Speaker on global leadership and cross-cultural innovation

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